15th Annual Conference of the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences

The conference is planned to be held in the Faculty of Mathematics of the Complutense University of Madrid , located in the Moncloa Campus.

The Moncloa Campus was projected as the Ciudad Universitaria in 1927 on a 460 ha estate in the northwest of Madrid to be an integrated campus, where education, science and culture would harmoniously merge with each other. Nowadays, it is fully integrated into the metropolitan area of the capital city.

Faculty of Mathematics of the Complutense University of Madrid
Faculty of Mathematics

In 1999, the Community of Madrid declared it a site of public cultural interest on account of its valuable landscape and its architectural and natural heritage and it is a protected area with strict limitations on its growth and building density. The Faculty of Mathematics is situated in the Science Park, close to the Faculties of Physics, Chemistry, Geology and Biology.

The Miguel de Guzmán room holds around 190 people and the Rey Pastor Conference room holds about 400 people. Different classrooms can be suited for parallel sessions. The Faculty will accommodate most of the needs for this conference. Restaurants and small cafeterias are available at walking distance.

Wireless Communication Facilities (WiFi), on-line conference and video recorded conferences will be available.

Workshops and short courses will make use of the numerous teaching facilities provided by the Faculty.

The Miguel de Guzmán room
The Miguel de Guzmán room

The Rey Pastor Conference room
The Rey Pastor Conference room

Ampliar Plano Moncloa Madrid

The Conference site is easy to access by public transportation.

By Metro - www.metromadrid.es
Take Line 6 to Ciudad Universitaria stop and

By Bus - www.emtmadrid.es
You can take lines F, G, 82 or 132.