Exploration of submarine hydrothermal vents and associated  mineralizations and geobio-systems


Funded by Spanish  R+D+I Project  CTM2016-75947-R

ExploSea2 Cruise Public Dataset

EXPLOSEA2 DATASET (Select to download files)

EXPLOSEA2 CTDs stations
EXPLOSEA2 Gravity Cores
EXPLOSEA2 Multibeam Bathymetry Echosounder (MBES)
EXPLOSEA2 Parametric Sub-bottom Profilers (SBP)
EXPLOSEA2 Remoted Operated Vehicule (ROVs) stations
EXPLOSEA2 Seismic Multichannel (SMC)


EXPLOSEA2 CTDs stations
EXPLOSEA2 ROVs stations
EXPLOSEA2 Seismic mutlichannel lines (SMC)

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