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Boletin Geológico y Minero

Volume 131 – Issue 2 

Year 2020 

April - June

IGME’s quarterly Journal since 1874

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Confirmed detection of Palaeogene and Jurassic orbitally-forced sedimentary cycles in the depth domain using False Discovery Rates and Bayesian probability spectra.
Graham P. Weedon.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.131.2.001

Sediment Cyclicity and the Carnian Pluvial Episode: Evidence from Spectral Gamma ray Logging of the Mercia Mudstone Group, SW England.
A. Ruffell and W. M. Kürschner.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.131.2.002

Climatic periodicities and astrochronological dating of the Enciso Group in the eastern Cameros Basin (N of Spain).
Arsenio Muñoz, Ana Angulo, Carlos L. Liesa, Mª Aránzazu Luzón, Mª José Mayayo, Antonio Pérez, Ana R. Soria, Víctor Val y Alfonso Yuste.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.131.2.003

Rhaetian (Late Triassic) Milankovitch Cycles in the Tethyan Dachstein Limestone and Laurentian Passaic Formation Linked by the g2-g5 Astronomical Metronome.
Linda A. Hinnov and Andrea Cozzi.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.131.2.004

Misplaced confidence: limits to statistical inference in cyclostratigraphy.
David G. Smith.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.131.2.005

Estimation of the ages of Devonian and Cretaceous stage boundaries in the Geologic Time Scale.
F. P. Agterberg, F. M. Gradstein and A.S. Gale.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.131.2.006

Maximum entropy spectral analysis of uneven time series in the geosciences.
Eulogio Pardo-Igúzquiza and Peter A. Dowd.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.131.2.007

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