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Boletin Geológico y Minero

Volume 130 – Issue 1  

Year 2019  

January - March 

IGME’s quarterly Journal since 1874

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A quick estimation of the economics of exploration projects - rules of thumb for mine capacity revisited - the input for estimating capital and operating costs.
F.- W. Wellmer and M. Drobe.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.130.1.001

Summary of the global graphite market and the prospectives for the spanish deposits.
Javier Elez Villar y Francisco Javier Gonzalo Corral.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.130.1.002

Opportunities in global mineral resources.
Jonathan G. Price.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.130.1.003

Our mental models of mineral depletion —and why they matter.
John E. Tilton.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.130.1.004

Managing risk in mining investment decisions: A global focus.
José Antonio Botín.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.130.1.005

Financing and competitiveness in copper mining.
Jorge Cruz Blanco, Luis de la Torre Palacios y Espí Rodríguez, J.A.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.130.1.006

Challenges and opportunities for a successful mining industry in the future.
António Mateus and Luís Martins.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.130.1.007

Significance of the “cut off-average grade-tonnage” sensitivity analysis in mining projects.
Luis de la Torre Palacios and J. Antonio Espi.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.130.1.008

Making sense of the geology in the copper mining economy.
L. de la Torre y J. A. Espí.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.130.1.009

The returns on mining exploration investments.
Manuel Regueiro González-Barros y José Antonio Espí.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.130.1.010

An option for the change to massive underground mining: the current Chilean methodology of block caving.
René Gómez y E. Labbé.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.130.1.011

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