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BGM 129 - 3

Volume 129 – Issue 3 

Year 2018  

July - September    

IGME’s quarterly Journal since 1874

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Ascertaining evapotranspiration series by the optimized rainfall-runoff model.
M. Chlumecky, M. Tesar and J. Buchtele
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.129.3.001

Variability of the annual amounts of station precipitation revealed by autocorrelation functions and power spectra.
Gyu-Ho Lim, Ae-Sook Suh and Yong-Cheol Suh
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.129.3.002

Advanced analysis methods applied to reconstructed and simulated paleoclimatic time series.
C. Herrero and A. García Olivares
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.129.3.003

Analysis of the Kobe earthquake time series via system identification and faultdetection techniques.
S. Bittanti y S. Garatti
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.129.3.004

Singular Spectrum Analysis and Autoregressive models for Ecuadorian shrimp catch forecasting.
L. Barba y N. Rodríguez
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.129.3.005

Estimation of the significance of the Foster’s wavelet spectrum by means of a permutation test and its application for paleoclimate records.
J.M. Polanco-Martínez and S.H. Faria
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.129.3.006

Ensemble model to enhance robustness of flash flood forecasting using an Artificial Neural Network: case-study on the Gardon Basin (south-eastern France).
T. Darras, A. Johannet, B. Vayssade, L. Kong-A-Siou and S.
DOI: 10.21701/bolgeomin.129.3.007

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