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Boletín geológico y minero 127-1

Volume 127 – Issue 1  

Year 2016  

January - March    

IGME’s quarterly Journal since 1874

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Advanced data processing of airborne electromagnetic data for imaging hidden conduit networks in the coastal karst plain of Tulum (Mexico)
A. Schiller, I. Schattauer and D. Ottowitz

Bullita cave system, Judbarra / Gregory Karst, tropical Australia
K.G. Grimes and J.E.J. Martini

Main karst and caves of Switzerland
P.-Y. Jeannin

Structural and lithological conditioning of the large karst systems of the Sierra de los Órganos, Pinar del Rio, Cuba
C. Díaz Guanche, R. Ramírez Hernández, H. Farfán Gonzalez, E. Estévez Cruz, A. Ordaz Hernández and C. Aldana Vilas

Karst and Caves of the Black Hills, South Dakota, USA
A. N. Palmer

Karst in Slovenia
A. Mihevc, F. Gabrovšek, M. Knez, P. Kozel, J. Mulec, B. Otoničar, M. Petrič, T. Pipan, M. Prelovšek, T. Slabe, S. Šebela and N. Zupan Hajna .

An optical laser device for mapping 3D geometry of underwater karst structures: first tests in the Ox Bel’Ha system, Yucatan, Mexico
A. Schiller and P. Renard

A brief history of exploration in Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico, USA
J. T. M. Lyles and D. G. Davis

The Mammoth Cave system, Kentucky, USA
A. N. Palmer

The Caves of Naica: a decade of research
F. Gázquez, J. M. Calaforra, P. Forti and G. Badino

The discovery and exploration of Hang Son Doong
H. Limbert, D. Limbert, N. Hieu, V. V. Phái, D. Kinh Bac, T. H. Phuong and D. Granger

The Sac Actun System, Quintana Roo, Mexico
P. N. Kambesis and J. G. Coke IV

The karst network system of the Sierra de las Nieves (Málaga, Spain). An example of a high relief Mediterranean karst
E. Pardo-Igúzquiza, J.J. Durán, P. Robledo-Ardila, J.A. Luque-Espinar, S. Martos-Rosillo,
C. Guardiola-Albert and A. Pedrera

Sistema Faro, Isla de Mona, Puerto Rico: speleogenesis of the world’s largest flank margin cave
M. J. Lace, P. N. Kambesis and J. E. Mylroie .

The Snezhnaya-Mezhennogo-Illyuziya cave system in the western Caucasus
B.R. Mavlyudov

A model of karst systems of the Usturt plateau (Middle Asia)
A.S. Victorov

Pas de Vallgornera Cave, Majorca (Spain): one the largest littoral caves in Europe
B. López, T. Mulet, M. Rodriguez-Homar and A. Merino

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