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Innovative instruments for the integrated management of groundwater in a context of increasing scarcity of water resources

Groundwaters are an essential element of the hydrological cycle. In that regard, the scientific community has stated that several fields of knowledge need improvement. Namely, our knowledge on aquifers, on the implementation of reliable monitoring networks, and about the implication of the public sector in the hydraulic management and that of the end-users in the sustainable management of aquifers. The main aim of AQUIFER is to capitalize, test, disseminate and transfer innovative practices for the preservation, monitoring and integrated management of the aquifers. All this in order to provide support to the decision-making processes on groundwater resources management, to improve the technological transfer towards the local agents, to create new synergies, and to develop common tools in a context of scarcity of hydrological resources and environmental threats.

The main innovative element of AQUIFER is a global consideration of the abovementioned problems. Firstly, this includes the experimentation about the key elements of “quality” and “quantity” of water through tools such as the management of aquifers recharge and the networks for hydrological monitoring and modelling. Secondly, the detection, testing and implementation of innovations by the three water clusters, which are connected to a network of water stakeholders and start-ups. Thirdly, the creation of a decision support tool and a good practices showcasing. This will be materialized in a permanent and free webpage for all water stakeholders.

The project has three fundamental aims:

  • To establish relationships among groundwater resources, surficial waters and / or saline waters, in a context of global change.
  • To test and develop innovative solutions for groundwater management, to face the risks related to the water cycle sustainability.
  • To identify, analyse and disseminate innovative solutions to be used for relevant stakeholders in the decision-making processes.


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