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The Geological and Mining Bulletin admits the publication of Thematic Issues (Special volumes). They should be focused on topics of interest within the Earth Sciences. The set of articles that make up each special issue will follow the same review process as any other article published in the bulletin.

Special issues may have editors other than those who constitute the Editorial Board of the Geological and Mining Bulletin. The invited editors will be responsible for the review process of the articles, under the umbrella of the Editorial Board, which will ensure strict compliance with the rules of the journal.

Proposals for special issues must be submitted to, including a minimum of 6 articles that are intended to be published in the issue. Proposals for special issues must be accepted by the Editorial Board before starting the process of submitting and reviewing full versions of the articles. For each article included in the proposal, the title, authors, affiliation, 3-5 keywords and three key points must be specified, as well as an abstract (English or Spanish) of no more than 250 words. The aforementioned email ( may be used to establish preliminary contact with the editorial board regarding the publication of a special issue.

The publication of each special issue must be accompanied by an introduction section, preferably written by the editors. It can be a brief letter of presentation of the articles that are included in the issue and/or an introductory text to the central theme of the special issue.

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