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The New submissions to the Bulletin will be initially analyzed by the Editorial Board, which will ensure strict compliance with the submission rules and the fit to the editorial line of the journal. The Director will assign a Manager to each manuscript that complies with the rules. The Manager will belong to the Editorial Board or, in the case of monographs, they may be guest editors. The Manager is responsible for following and guaranteeing the transparency of the entire review process of the article. The final assessment of the article will be made by the Director, who, in view of the content of the revised article and the Manager's report, will make the final decision. All communication with the journal will be carried out with a single corresponding author, who must be clearly identified in the initial submission.

Each article will be reviewed by at least two referees, who are experts in their field (peer review. In case of discrepancy in the assessments of both reviewers, additional reviewers may be selected.

The review system is double-blind, by which the authors and reviewers will maintain their anonymity. During the initial submission, the authors must suggest at least three possible reviewers, without implying their acceptance by the Manager. For each suggested reviewer, the name and surnames, affiliation, and email address must be included.

The journal accepts the debate and discussion about published articles, through the submission of new discussion and reply articles, which will also follow the rules of the journal. All authors whose papers receive a discussion proposal will be notified and invited to post a reply. Both discussion and replies will be published simultaneously. Counter-replies will only be accepted in very well justified circumstances.

The authors will be informed about each phase of the editorial process, from the very reception of the originals to the different revisions and the final assessment.

Once the manuscript is accepted, it will be sent to production. If necessary, slight style corrections and revisions to the texts in English will be made. The contact author will be sent a single proof for correction. All the authors of each article must fill out and sign a letter to transfer the publishing rights of the article to the Bulletin.

Once published, the first author will receive the electronic file of the article.

The Boletín Geológico y Minero is a journal adhering to the open access policies in scientific production (Open Access), which grants the authors of the articles the rights related to distribution and public communication through personal or institutional web pages, and centrally organized or publicly accessible institutional and thematic repositories.

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