The main objective of this program is to generate predictive models featuring high resolution in space and time on the topography and evolution of the iberian plate.

This project features an innovative approach which consists of analysing in a joint and integrated manner the influence of the surficial and deep rooted natural processes. Within the numerous phenomena which we pretend to quantify with very important social implications include: the effects of the uplift and subsidence in the course of the different river systems. This will be done by analytical techniques including "in situ" measurements of erosion and denudation. Predictive changes in elevation, geo-hazards or the evolution of acuifers of drinkable water through the knowledge in changes in the stress field due to natural or human origin.

The existing data and the newly acquired on the physical properties of the terrestrial materials at different scales should provide estimates on instability thresholds of faults and the stress release after an earthquake. The new advances in crustal deformation and the new understanding on thermomechanical processes of the crust and upper mantle should provide meanigful new data on topics as the mitigation of geo-hazards.

The scope of the project establish a generic objectives, integrated within the frame of international initiatives such as Topo-Europe/EuroArray, and specific objectives, that can be grouped in studies of the structure and dynamics of the upper crust, of the lower crust and upper mantle, and of the interaction between surface and deep processes.

Generic objectives

Specific objectives