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The Boletín Geológico Minero will publish original manuscripts in either Spanish or English dealing with Earth Sciences.

TEXTS: Maximum length 40 pages, with font size 12 pt and printed with 1.5 spacing, including references and illustrations.

The title should be short and informative and it is recommended to include the geographical and geo-chronological framework of the study. The names of the authors should be listed in the order they would like to be cited. First the initials of their names, then the surname or surnames they wish to include. Authors’ affiliations, complete postal and e-mail addresses should be indicated.

A Spanish and English abstract with a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 250 words in each language should also be included, as well as 5 key words in each language in alphabetical order.

Then below an abridged English version should be included, as an abbreviated version of the complete article, in English when the article is written in Spanish, and an abridged Spanish version (version abreviada en castellano) if the article is in English or Portuguese, with a minimum of 1,200 and a maximum of 1,400 words. These shortened versions should not necessarily be structured the same as the main text. They should consist of two sections: Introduction and Method (Introducción y metodología for the Spanish text) and Results and discussion (Resultados y discusión). These shortened versions should contain all the figures and tables of the main text.

The different sections of the text will be titled in unnumbered bold capitals. It is recommended to include the sections INTRODUCTION and CONCLUSIONS. The last section will be REFERENCES.

Original illustrators (figures, maps, photographs, etc.), tables and graphs, will be sized to one or two columns (80 or 170 mm). They will always be submitted as individual image files (TIFF, JPG, EPS or similar format), with 300 ppp minimum resolution for the final editing size. Captions indicating their position in the text. Graphics will only be printed in black and white.

If the text refers to samples or spatial data, these should be reflected in the corresponding maps, plans or diagrams.

References in the text should be cited with the complete surnames used by the authors in the work, in small letters, and listed at the end of the text as well. Use et al. for more than three authors. References should be listed at the end of the text in alphabetical order; journal and book titles should be written competely, not abbreviated.


a) Article in journal:

Heredia, M. y Baltuille, J.M. 1997. Las posibilidades mineras de Cuba en el sector de las Rocas Ornamentales. Boletín Geológico y Minero, 108 (6), 47-52.

Schuster, W. and Thomson, T.J. 1991. Description of the natural factors affecting the environmental conditions in the side of Llandose (Illinois). International Journal of Environmental Sciences, 5 (3), 112-134.

b) Book:

Didier, J. 1973. Granites and their enclaves. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 393 pp.

c) Article in an edited book:

Quesada, C. 1983. El Carbonífero de Sierra Morena. En: Martínez, C. (ed.), Carbonífero y Pérmico de España. Instituto Geológico y Minero de España, Madrid, 243-278.

d) Paper presented at meeting:

Delgado, F., Ovejero, G. y Jacquin, J.P. 1971. Localización estratigráfica y medio paleogeográfico de las mineralizaciones (galena y fluorita) de Sierra de Baza (Granada, España). I Congreso Hispano-Luso-Americano de Geología Económica, Madrid, 2, 119-128.

e) Unpublished Works:

Author or authors, year and location of the works should be cited.

f) Web pages:

In this case the following information should be provided: Title of page, author or authors, editing organisation or institution, place of origin of the server, date of access to information and electronic address both of the web page and the root directory, as well as contact e-mail. Example: Kluwer Academic Publishers Information Service (KAPIS), Holanda, 24/03/99, e-mail:

SUBMISSION OF MANUSCRIPT: If accepted, the papers, including the modifications suggested if this is the case, should be sent by one of the following methods:


Postmail: a copy of files in CD-ROM, DVD; or three printed copies (original and two copies of good quality) the papers should be sent to the Servicio de Publicaciones of the Instituto Geológico y Minero de España.


Electronic mail message to the Editor-in-chief (


On-line submission system (on the web page,

Editorial correspondence and subscriptions should be addressed to:

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